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May, 2021

Virginia Rush Player Called into US Youth National Team


1. What is your name and what RUSH club do you play for?

My name is Charlotte Burge and I play for Virginia Rush. 


 2. What is your position and how long have you been playing that position?

I am a goalkeeper and I have been a goalkeeper for 5 years.


 3.  What made you become a GK?

I became a goalkeeper because my advanced team needed one and I stepped up. From there I never went back to a field player. 


4. Were you excited to be selected in the U16 US Women’s National team?

I am very excited to be selected for the U16 US Youth National Team! I’m looking forward to getting to play with talented players who love the game as much as I do. 


 5.  How many hours do you train a week?

I train about 9 hours a week with Virginia Rush and about 5 hours a week at home. 


 6.  Can you explain a typical training week? (What do you do?)

In a typical training week I train in 2 team sessions, on team DOC, one goalkeeper DOC, and hop into a boys session to fill in the gaps. Every day I workout at home and work on my juggling. 


 7.  What motivates you or pushes you to get better so you can play at a high level?

Most of my motivation comes from myself because I want to push myself to be the best I can be l. An external source of motivation comes from everyone that is involved with my training; my parents, coaches, teammates, and the other goalkeepers I train with.


 8.  How do you handle mistakes?

I handle mistakes by forgetting about them. After the session or game I look back and learn from that mistake. But to be more successful in the moment i forget about it. 


 9.  How do you handle the mental aspect of being a GK and especially if you have made a mistake?

The mental aspect of being a goalkeeper involves quick thinking and a short term memory. If you make a good play, forget about it. You make a mistake, forget about it. After the game or session you look back and learn from it. In the game your decisions have to be made quickly and once you make a decision you have to stick with it. 


 10.  What advice would you give a new GK starting out?

Some advice that I would give a new goalkeeper starting out is that the mistakes that you make cost you more than the mistakes that other players make. That being said, you have to learn from your mistakes and grow from them.  


 11. Do you help mentor the GKs in your club?

I do help mentor the goalkeepers in my club! I help out at goalkeeper DOC during the season. I also help out with camps during the winter and spring. 


 12. Who is your idol and why?

My idol is Hope Solo because she was the face I saw when I was younger watching the national team play. She was a great goalkeeper and paved the way for many after her. 


13. Who is your GK coach and can you tell us a little about him?

My goalkeeper coach is Mike Kappas. Kappas has been my goalkeeper coach since I became a goalkeeper. He is always open to train with me whenever I want some extra work. He focuses on the little details that are important to grow as a player. Kappas pushes me to be the best that I can be.