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Iowa Rush Soccer Club - South


How are teams formed? 

Iowa Rush South
is a member organization of Iowa Soccer.  As a member, we agree to follow Iowa Soccer guidelines regarding team formation for Recreational teams.  According to Iowa Soccer guidelines, when forming recreational teams, “the team formation process will be random in nature”.  

Are we part of US Soccer?

Yes - Iowa Soccer is a member of the United States Soccer Federation (US Soccer), United States Youth Soccer Association (US Youth Soccer) and United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA).

How old does my child have to be to participate in the Iowa Rush South Soccer Club? 

Players must fall into the birth year of the youngest age group which would be our Little Kickers who are 5U-8U. For the 2018-2019 season, the 5U age group is for all players born in 2014 (Jan 1, 2014-Dec 31, 2014). 

Will my child be on the same team again? 

For Rec 9U-19U, if your child is a returning player from the prior season, so if played spring season and is now playing fall, then s/he have priority placement back on their original team if the team has enough players of the needed age groups to stay together, and if your child registered prior to the Early Bird deadline.  Every attempt is made to keep returning teams together if enough returning players register and if they are of the correct age group(s) to stay together on the same team, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Can I request a new team? 

A parent/guardian may request that his/her child be removed from the team the child was on the previous season.  The child will be randomly placed on a different team as long as roster size permits.  During registration, a parent/guardian can request this in the notes section, or email the request, but a valid reason must be provided in case there is an improvement opportunity that we should be addressing as a club.

Do we play other towns? 

All 5U-8U games will be played in Pella at the Pella Soccer Complex against other Iowa Rush South players.  There could be potential in the future of our 7U-8U teams playing other teams from logistically close clubs such as Knoxville, but games would still be at Pella Soccer Complex.  Teams 9U and above will compete in the ISL Rec Central League and play up to half of their league games out of town, so of their 7 league games, 3-4 will be home games and 3-4 will be away games.

What does the “U” in 10U stand for? 

The “U” stands for “Under” so if your child plays in the 10U age division he/she is in the Under 10 division. Every single age group division is a birth year.  Click HERE to see Age Group by Birth Years.

Does everybody wear the same uniform? 

All players are required to wear an approved Iowa Rush uniform, shin-guards, and soccer cleats.  Uniform information can be found at under each program's information tab.

Can my child wear his/her baseball cleats for soccer? 

Baseball cleats are NOT allowed.  By design, baseball cleats are too sharp for soccer.   Football cleats are acceptable as long as the cleat is round and not straight like a baseball cleat.

What size soccer ball does my child need? 

5U-8U players use a size 3 ball.  9U-12U players use a size 4 ball. 13U and above players use a size 5 ball.

My child turned a year older, why aren’t they changing age divisions? 

The soccer year runs from August 1 to July 31.  Players are placed on teams according to their birth year for both the Fall and Spring seasons.  Click HERE to see Age Group by Birth Years.

When will I hear from my coach? 

Coaches receive roster information about 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the season.  As soon as coaches receive their rosters they begin contacting their players. Normally the coaches meeting where coaches receive their rosters takes place around mid August for the Fall season and  early to mid March for the Spring season.