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Iowa Rush Soccer Club - South

Select Program Fees - Iowa Rush South

Select 2022-23 Fees

 Age GroupSelect Fees  Fall Spring Tournaments Paid Professional Coach Minimum Trainings per Week Optional Payment Plan
 11U-12U $1000 x 4 x 2 10 payments of $100 each*
 13U-15U $1000 x 4 x 2 10 payments of $100 each*
 16U-19U $400 x  1 x 2 4 payments of $100 each*

* a minimal payment plan fee may apply that the club is charged for their service; does not include uniforms or travel expenses.

What is included in my Select Fees?

Select fees include coaching expenses, tournament entry fees, league registration fees, referee fees, facility fees including access to lighted fields when needed, Rush fees, administrative fees, professional coaching for games and training as well as access to all Select programming at Iowa Rush South, as well as Iowa Rush Central, and College Advisory Program (CAP).  Additional opportunities can include guest playing potential on other Rush teams both in Iowa and outside of Iowa.  Rush is international and has clubs across the states as well as around the world. An example of outside of Iowa could be if a High School age player is interested in playing for a college outside of Iowa, Rush can help to find an opportunity to guest play on a Rush team in the area of that college so that the college coach can be invited to see the player in action (travel and expenses not included in select fees). If you have not spent a few minutes going through the presentation from the announcement of our Iowa Rush South partnership, please check it out by clicking HERE.

Why is 15U in two groupings above?

15U players are in both 8th grade and 9th grade so typically the 8th grade 15U players tend to try out for a select team that is year-long with both Fall and Spring seasons while the 9th grade 8th graders tend to try out for the older Fall only select teams.  A 15U 8th grader is allowed to tryout for the Fall only team, just as a 15U 9th grader is allowed to tryout for a full year select team but a full year select team does take a commitment to play both fall and spring for the club select team.


Minimum of two training sessions each week.  Middle School and High School age player's training sessions are scheduled typically at a time that still allows players to participate in an after-school program/sport, with usage of a lighted field when needed. While club soccer does not discourage involvement in other activities, select soccer for all age teams is meant for players who are committed to both trainings and games.


11U-15U age groups/teams will have up to four events/tournaments over the course of the year, typically two fall events and two spring. Iowa Rush South 16U-19U age groups (including 15U 9th graders) will typically have one fall event with potential to guest play for other Rush teams in Fall and Winter leagues, tournaments, and even College Showcase events if other Rush teams need players.  If a HIgh School age Iowa Rush South team is interested in College Showcases during the winter, that could potentially be arranged for an additional fee to cover those costs.


Teams for Iowa Rush South will compete in the ISL State League.  Teams within Iowa Rush compete in both the ISL State League and the Midwest Regional League (MRL).