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What is the City of Pella Master Field Reservations?

The City of Pella maintains a Master Field Schedule for the Pella Soccer Complex, as it does for all of its Athletic Facilities.  Pella Soccer Club provides the dates and times for team practices and home games for each field to the city, as well as any known home game reschedule that is handled correctly by following the process explained if you follow this link -> How To Reschedule a League Home Game,

In the spring, the Pella high schools also utilize the East and Game fields on reserved times and other parties can lease the fields if they show as not reserved.

Refer to the online City of Pella Master Field schedule by clicking the Master Schedule to the right of this section.  The dates and times are grouped by each field and the reservations are general, they do not include specific Team IDs.  To know specific teams, you would need to look at the Pella Soccer Club Team Practice Schedules or the League Game Schedules.

City of Pella Master Field Reservations

Click below to view the City of Pella Master Field Reservations for Pella Soccer Complex.

Click here to open the City of Pella Field Reservations