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Iowa Rush Soccer Club - South

Recreational 7U-8U **NO TRAVEL**

7U-8U In-House League


Pella Soccer Club is excited to welcome Katelin Gannon to our club, and your lives, as our new Director of In-House League!  Katelyn has a vast expertise in soccer that includes Central College soccer coach and former Pella Premier coach and her passion and knowledge of soccer will there to help all 5U-8U teams and coaches in the In-House Program.

For the Fall 2018 season, games for 7-8U will be played at 10 a.m. (boys - fields 5 & 6; girls - fields 7 & 8) starting September 8 through October 20.  The 5-6U group will precede the 7-8U games at 9 a.m.  Teams and field assignment will be emailed to all participants weekly, prior to the weekend game.

As per US Soccer, roster size of no more than 6 is a mandate and recommendation is to play 4v4, which means 4 players vs. 4 players with no goalkeeper. 4v4 soccer is meant to be played in a less structured environment in order to maximize fun and participation; thus, players 8U and younger should play without formal teams and rosters.  Conducting play through in-house programs with flexible and fluid teams is the best approach.

Teams for Games

Players will be randomly assigned to teams before each game, with preferably 5-6 players per team, playing 4v4.

Parent volunteers will be needed to help with group practices and games.  The Director of In-House will help all coach volunteers learn how to help at practices and games, and lead coaches will be identified and asked to help run. 

Practices and Games

Group practices - players and teams participate in two group practice per week for typically one hour.  Ideally is in groups of 12-18 players.

7U-8U  is an In-House League meaning all games are Pella vs Pella teams at Pella Soccer Complex

Seven scheduled games on Saturdays that will start sometime between 9am and noon.

Fall season usually begins around late August and wraps up mid to late October.  First game weekend is the weekend following Labor Day.  Targeted game dates for Fall 2018 are Sep 8, 15, 22, 29, Oct 6, 13, 22.

Spring season usually begins after school spring break, so around the third week or so of March, and wraps up before Memorial Day weekend.

  • Practices normally start two weeks prior to the first game weekend and last game weekend completes the season.
  • Starting Fall 2017 - 4v4 which means 4 players versus 4 players in games, no goalkeeper
  • Game times are 4x8 which means four periods of 8 minutes each
  • No scores are kept, no pressure, lots of do-overs, lots of encouragement
  • Ball Size - 3


  • 7U stands for 7 and Under and 8U stands for 8 and Under
  • Click here to find your child's age group by birth year
  • 7U-8U is offered in both the Fall and Spring seasons and we also have a Winter Academy for learning more individual skills.
  • You register to play Fall separate from Spring and are assigned to a team, and Winter Academy is all individuals and by age group, no teams - Play one, Play both, Play all - your choice!
  • Two group practices each week
    • If a player cannot attend their group practice one week, they have the flexibility to attend a different group practice on a night that works.
    • Players get to know and grow with more players and coaches.
  • All coaches pass a state disclosure once every two years.
  • 7 league games at Pella Soccer Complex
  • Uniforms are a t-shirt that is provided to each player and then pennies are used for one of the two teams per game.
  • Practices normally start two weeks prior to the first game weekend and last game weekend completes the season.
  • Each player must wear shin guards covered by soccer socks for safety reasons.
  • Soccer cleats with plastic moldings are optional for traction, but not required.  No front metal cleat like what baseball uses are allowed.   
  • 7U-8U move up to throw-ins instead of kick-ins for when the ball goes out of play along the side touchline.
  • Ball Size - 3


What Makes PSC Different from City Rec?

  • This question is asked a lot - how to decide between what City of Pella offers vs. Pella Soccer Club. This is a family decision, with no right or wrong answer, it is just a matter of which is preferred, and which offers what you are looking for at the time.
  • PSC is offered during the Fall and Spring, and we have an indoor Winter Academy at Pella Fieldhouse on turf.  Play one - Play all - your choice.  City Rec is offered in the Fall only.
  • PSC has two practices a week, City Rec has one.
  • PSC season is usually 11 weeks, City Rec is 8 weeks.
  • PSC has a NEW Director of In-House League, Katelin Gannon, former Central College coach, who will be there to help parent coaches with curriculum each week, and will be available for help and to answer questions as needed during the season.
  • PSC targets to schedule 6U games at a different time slot than 8U games so if you have players in both age groups, don't miss a game!
  • PSC uses group practices with experienced Lead Coaches and our Director of In-House League, so coaches can learn and leverage each other and players have more exposure to learn and grow with more than just their team.  Group practices also mean flexibility to attend another night's group practice if one of the two team assigned nights does not work all the time.
  • PSC uses informal teams so the focus is on the individual player development and they learn and grow as part of an age group and have more than just four or five teammates.  Games are festival style which means that teams are randomly assigned each time so the experience changes and each child learns and grows within an age group.
  • PSC and City Rec both use team t-shirts for the uniform, and provide team t-shirts to coaches also, as part of the fee.
  • PSC players and coaches are members of Iowa Soccer, U.S. Youth Soccer, and U.S. Soccer and have access to all tools and tournaments provided by those affiliations.
  • PSC and our referees follow the FIFA Laws of the Game so players learn young, and consistently.  City Rec is not affiliated with any soccer associations and can adjust team sizes, rules, etc. as needed, or wanted.
  • PSC max team roster is 6 for a 7U-8U team and they play 4v4, so lots of playing time!  City Rec can have as many as they need on a team so if lots of registrations, they could have larger teams.. 
  • PSC assigns a paid U.S. Soccer Federation certified center referee to each game.  Referees must be 12 or older and have passed the 12 hour certification and they pass a re-certification test each year.
  • PSC does have to cost more then the City Rec program because we pay the City of Pella to lease and maintain the Pella Soccer Complex, we pay membership fees to Iowa Soccer for players and coaches, we pay our certified referees, and we purchased the best 4'x6' soccer goals you will ever find, and plus more, but we charge what our costs are.
  • PSC also provides usually at least one or two fun nights during the season, at no additional charge, like a Family Soccer Golf night and/or a Soccer Skills Test night, optional to all PSC players.
  • If you have any additional questions, we are happy to answer - just email us at [email protected]



Registration is OPEN for Fall 2017

Registration Fee 7U-8U - $70

7U-8U players and coaches receive a team t-shirt that will be their uniform for games.

Uniforms are not required until 9U-10U.

Email [email protected] Click here to login to Register, use Pay Now, or change your information like email, phone, etc..

Spring Season