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Referee Information - Changes for Fall 2016

Standards Chart ->  Shows Playing Time by age group

With all the changes prompted by U.S. Soccer's mandates, Iowa Soccer developed an ISL Level 3 Central League standards chart, including max roster sizes, field sizes, match length, and composition (7v7, 9v9, etc.). 

FYI - the linked charts below show U.S. Soccer's new field size ranges.  Pella Soccer Club is using the max dimensions for the 8U field and then 5 wides under max for length and width in order to fit the fields needed in our soccer complex.

Click here for ISL Level 3 Central Standards Chart.

Click here for Standards Chart that has 8U and 10U

FIELD LAYOUT - Click here to see field layouts for field numbers

       Field  5 is not regulation size so practices only. 

GAME SCHEDULES - Click here for the game schedules page

Eastside Coalition League - 8U and 10U Teams

8U Changes and Reminders

  • U.S. Soccer changes
    • 4x8 -  8 minute quarters, 5 min half, 2 min between 1 and 2 and 3 and 4.
    • New roster size max 6 players 4v4, if necessary and if a coach does not have subs and coaches agree, play 3v3.
  • League
    • All opposing players will retreat to the half line on goal kicks.
    • NO GOALIES, encourage players to play up and not just stand in front of goal, if attacking team is advancing players should be playing up. 

10U Changes and Reminders

  • U.S. Soccer changes
    •  7v7 - 10U now plays 7v7 instead of 6v6- 5 field plus goalkeeper.

    • Max roster increased from 12 to 14.

    • Offside is now in effect for the 10U age group. It will be monitored for obvious offsides. If club wants to provide AR(s) for these games it will be at club availability and discretion. Please educate coaches and parents that some calls will be missed. its just part of the education of the game.

    • Build Out Line - all opposing players must retreat to behind the Build Out Line on goal kicks.  Iowa Soccer has designated the Half Line as the Build Out Line.
    • With Eastside Coalition league, coaches and referees should strongly encourage goalkeepers not to punt on a goal kick, but to play it out the back, which is the purpose of the build-out line, but no penalty should be given at this time if a goalkeeper does punt, just remind, encourage, and continue.  This is a transition season and in the future, penalties will be called.


    ISL Level 3 Central League - 11U-19U Recreational Teams

    ISL Central League is a new league operated by Iowa Soccer.  It is important to read through the RULES of the league before officiating for any team in this league.  

    Click here for League Rules

    11U and 12U Teams

    • U.S. Soccer Changes
      • 11U-12U is now 9v9 instead of 8v8 with a max roster increased to 16

        o   Note – we do have an actual 11U team this Fall in the Central league that will compete only in the 11U Boys Division.  Same rules as 12U of course.

      • Max roster increases from 14 to 16.


      13U-19U Teams

      • 13U and up are now allowed max rosters up to 22, but only 18 on the sidelines at the game and must be the same 18 checked in (same as 19U has been)


    13U, 14U, 16U, 19U Small-Sided Team Games

    If a older 13U - 19U team is scheduled to a 12U (half-size) field for a game, then the game is small-sided because the team(s) do not have enough on their team roster to be full-sided (11v11).  Small-sided older teams play 7v7 which is 6 field players plus 1 goalkeeper.  Max team size is 14.  All rules are normal FIFA.

    13U and 14U play 2 periods of 35 minutes
    16U and 19U play 2 periods of 40 minutes


    Guest Player Allowance

    This is a new concept being launched and tried in the ISL Level 3 Central League and needs to be used as intended.  Please read the summary below and then click on the Rules link to reference the full extent of how the allowance is and is not to be used, and what your role is as referee for check-in allowance.
    What it IS

    • This allowance is a tool for coaches to use to ensure they have enough players and/or substitutes at a game so that the game doesn’t have to be rescheduled, thus eliminating the work involved for coaches to reschedule.
    • The tool is not a guaranteed answer to all scenarios, or to last-minute changes in player availability, but if planned for and used properly, the allowance should minimize the need to reschedule.  In cases where the allowance can’t be applied, coaches are still able to reschedule matches.
    • Maximum number of guest players in a match is three.

    What it is NOT

    • If the team has enough players and substitutes to play a match, the guest player allowance is NOT to be used.
    • This allowance is NOT a tool for coaches to use to “stack” a roster with “ringer” type players just because the allowance exists or just because there is room on the team to still be under/within the maximum roster size.
    • The tool is NOT to be used to gain a competitive advantage.

    What you need to do

    Score Reporting

    • ISL Central League does not require a score sheet to be signed by a referee.  The Head Coach of the home game enters the final game score in TourneyMachine.  From a referee standpoint, it is always good practice to keep record of the final game score in case there is a dispute between coaches for concerning the game score.