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ISL Level 3 Central League

Exciting News!  Pella Soccer Club joined the new ISL - Level 3 Central league for our 11U-19U Recreational Teams for Fall 2016 - Spring 2017.  NOW starting Fall 2017 - our 9U-10U will also join this league!IowaSoccer_logo


  • Most of the clubs our size and larger have made the same move from GDMJSL to ISL for their Level 3 Recreational teams back in Fall 2017.
  • ISL Level 3 Central is administered by Iowa Soccer (ISA) who also administers the ISL State League that our Level 1 Premier teams compete in.  Iowa Soccer  has full-time professionals who manage these leagues, so not only will we have the same experts managing both, but dedicated people who can manage all aspects when needed. 
  • Starting Fall 2017, Iowa Soccer is extending the ISL Level 3 Central League to include 9U-10U teams and Pella Soccer Club, and all of the  Eastside Coalition League clubs are joining so all of our traveling Recreational teams are in the same league, same consistency of operation and features.
  • Having our 11U-19U select Premier teams and our Level 3 9U-19U Recreational teams under the same umbrella of management with Iowa Soccer for leagues also allows us to better utilize our game fields in terms of game schedules, and have more consistency across leagues for players, coaches, families, and clubs between these two important leagues.

Message from Iowa Soccer Recreational Director of Recreational Programs - Kyle Kinney

As per the collaboration we (Iowa Soccer) did with focus groups, the town hall meeting, and launch workshop, fall schedules are built with close proximity as the first scheduling principle.  It may not be perfect due to location of the team entries within a division, but we did our very best to accommodate as little travel as possible.  

In addition, our collaborative efforts produced the following: The ISL Level 3 Central features seven games, using both Saturdays and Sundays as play dates.  There is a BYE weekend that corresponds with a statewide Level 3 Rec tournament, which team coaches may opt to enter.  

Groups will be scheduled as follows, with game times at 1:00, 3:00 and 5:00 PM:

  • 9U-10U Girls on Saturdays
  • 9U-10U Boys onSundays
  • 13U-14U on Saturdays
  • 11U, 12U, 16U, 19U on Sundays

Finally, the league has taken a common sense approach to team entry within a playing age group.  We made sure to carefully vet team rosters before allowing such "play up" or "play down" instances.  As a result, you may find your true 14U team matched up with a 15U opponent, etc.  


Tourney Machine App and Notifications

Tourney Machine also provides a mobile app available in the App Store for coaches and families who will be attending games this season, as well offers notifications by email and/or text.  Click here and then scroll down for instructions for Tourney Machine



League Rules (REMINDER)

Included in this communication is a link to our Iowa Soccer website where the Level 3 Central league rules are posted.  As coaches, please take a few moments to  familiarize yourselves with this document.  A plea of ignorance to league rules will not be accepted!  

ISL Level 3 Central League Rules

 League rules are also published on Tourney Machine under "Documents." 

Guest Player Allowance

This is a new concept to your league competition and needs to be used as intended.  Please read the summary below and then click on the Rules link to reference the full extent of how the allowance is and is not to be used.
What it IS

  • This allowance is a tool for coaches to use to ensure they have enough players and/or substitutes at a game so that the game doesn’t have to be rescheduled, thus eliminating the work involved for coaches to reschedule.
  • The tool is not a guaranteed answer to all scenarios, or to last-minute changes in player availability, but if planned for and used properly, the allowance should minimize the need to reschedule.  In cases where the allowance can’t be applied, coaches are still able to reschedule matches.
  • Maximum number of guest players in a match is three.

What it is NOT

  • If the team has enough players and substitutes to play a match, the guest player allowance is NOT to be used.
  • This allowance is NOT a tool for coaches to use to “stack” a roster with “ringer” type players just because the allowance exists or just because there is room on the team to still be under/within the maximum roster size.
  • The tool is NOT to be used to gain a competitive advantage.

What you need to do

Click here to open the ISL Level 3 Central Guest Player Form  - Deadline to submit is by noon on Friday prior to league game

ISL Level 3 Central League website


The team manager or coach of the first team listed (HOME TEAM) will report the score after completion of a match through the Tourney Machine schedule.  Please follow the directions below to guide you through this process:
  • Open up the schedule, "Public Results"
  • Locate your division
  • Locate your match
  • Click on the "green" icon to post score

Reminder -  Scores will be collected and posted publicly, but standings will not be kept or posted.  Scores will be used as data points, if necessary, in helping to form "like playing level" groups for the spring season, and also to help monitor allowances such as guest players.

Summary of scores and standings can be found in section 10 of the rules.

13U, 14U, 16U, 19U Small-Sided Team Games

If a older 13U - 19U team is scheduled to a 12U (half-size) field for a game, then the game is small-sided because the team(s) do not have enough on their team roster to be full-sided (11v11).  Small-sided older teams play 7v7 which is 6 field players plus 1 goalkeeper.  Max team size is 14.  All rules are normal FIFA.

13U and 14U play 2 periods of 35 minutes
16U and 19U play 2 periods of 40 minutes