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How To Cancel / Reschedule a League HOME Game

If a Recreational League game has to be canceled and/or rescheduled for any reason (weather, conflicts, etc.), it is the responsibility of the Home team Head Coach to reschedule the game, which means finding a date and time that works for both teams, with a field that can be reserved, and for 9U and up teams, working with the Iowa Rush South Director of Referees to make sure you will have referees, and then to the Iowa Rush Administrator to have City of Pella approve and change the field reservations.

IF YOU ARE CANCELING a game within 3 days of the game, but do not yet know when it will be rescheduled, please submit the form for the CANCEL now, and then come back and submit again when you have a new date, time, and field.

What fields can I reschedule to at Pella Soccer Complex, and when are they available?

You can find if fields for your team's age bracket are available by looking at the City of Pella's Field Reservations

Click here for the City of Pella Master Field Reservations

  • 5U-8U fields are fields 5, 6, 7, and 8
  • 10U fields are fields 3 and 4
  • 11U-12U fields for games are fields1 and 2
  • 13U-19U- fields are called East Field and Game Field

What works for both teams?

  • Find a date and time that works between your team, your opposing team, and has one of your team's fields not reserved

Fill out the Reschedule Form Below and wait for Confirmation

 PLEASE submit this form even if you are just canceling a game and do not know when it will be rescheduled yet if it is within three days of having the game.

Click Here to Fill Out the Cancel/Reschedule Game Form

 The Administrator will fill out the reschedule form on the league's website if the reschedule is approved by the Director of Referees and then Iowa Soccer updates TourneyMachine and the coaches and any parents/guardians signed up for team notifications received an update of the change as soon as it is made in TourneyMachine.


  • Once you hear back approval from Iowa Rush South Director of Referees and from Iowa Rush Administrator, then you and the opposing coaches communicate to your teams about the change.  If needed, the names and address for the Iowa Rush South Director of Referees and Iowa Rush South Admin are on the ABOUT US menu.