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Little Kickers - In-House for 5U-8U

5U-6U Rules of the Game

These 5U-6UU  rules are a guideline and meant to help everyone to instruct U6 to play the same, and better prepare them for U8. They are not an exact science in 5U-6U, so do not stress about getting every part perfect, just try your best and everyone learns together!  Do not over-officiate. We want the kids to have FUN!  Let the game of soccer be the teacher, and gradually providing exposure to the nuance of the rules.

7U-8U Rules of the Game

8U Changes and Reminders to above Rules

  • U.S. Soccer changes
    • 4x8 -  8 minute quarters, 5 min half, 2 min between 1 and 2 and 3 and 4.
    • New roster size max 6 players 4v4, if necessary and if a coach does not have subs and coaches agree, play 3v3.
    • All opposing players will retreat to the half line on goal kicks.
    • NO GOALIES, encourage players to play up and not just stand in front of goal, if attacking team is advancing players should be playing up. 

10U Recreational Teams

ISL Level 3 Central League Rules

9U-10U Changes and Reminders

  • Changes for Pella Soccer Club - Fall 2017
    • We moved to the ISL Level 3 Central League which is managed by Iowa Soccer.  This is the same league that our 11U-19U Rec players compete in and Iowa Soccer has now expanded the league to 9U-10U.  For those familiar with Eastside Coalition, all soccer clubs from our Eastside Coalition moved to ISL Level 3 Central League, and there will be many more soccer clubs also.  The key changes are that 9U-10U now also have the Guest Player Allowance to be able to request guest players by noon Friday if their roster will be low, and the score will be kept and entered in Tourney Machine by the home game coach.

  • U.S. Soccer changes that started Fall 2016
    •  7v7 - 10U now plays 7v7 instead of 6v6- 5 field plus goalkeeper.

    • Max roster increased from 12 to 14.

    • Offside is now in effect for the 10U age group. It will be monitored for obvious offsides. If club wants to provide AR(s) for these games it will be at club availability and discretion. Please educate coaches and parents that some calls will be missed. its just part of the education of the game.

    • Build Out Line - all opposing players must retreat to behind the Build Out Line on goal kicks.  Iowa Soccer has designated the Half Line as the Build Out Line.

11U-19U Recreational Teams

ISL Level 3 Central League Rules

All teams that are 11U-19U Recreational have Team IDs that start with K11 through K19 and do not end in A or R for Pella Soccer Club.

13U, 14U, 16U, and 19U small-sided teams are teams that do not have rosters large enough to play full-sided 11v11, so they play small-sided 7v7 on a 12U (half-size) field and have a max roster of 14.  Rules are the same except time which below:

13U and 14U small-sided - 2 periods of 35 minutes each
16U and 19U small-sided - 2 periods of 40 minutes each

11U-19U Select Teams (Premier through try outs)

ISL State League Rules

All teams that are 11U-19U Select (Premier) have Team IDs that end in A or R for Pella Soccer Club and on league game schedules, the Team ID will not be listed and instead more like "Pella G13U".

FIFA Laws of the Game can be found at:

FIFA Laws of the Game