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Volunteer Disclosure Form and Concussion Management

All PSC Coaches and PSC Board members must complete and pass the ISA Volunteer Disclosure every two years.  Please follow the below link to read a brief description of the volunteer disclosure, and then click on the link at the bottom of the disclosure web page to fill out the form online.  Disclosure now includes a concussion management training/awareness and it is highly recommended for all coaches to stay current with Concussion Management, even if they are not due for their disclosure.  You can click on the Concussion Management to view only that information.

Volunteer Disclosure Form

Concession Management

Quick Tips for Coaches

You have volunteered to coach, which is fantastic, and now you are wondering what's next, what should you expect, where do you find information?  Below is a quick reference to help you get started, or to simply remind you later.  As always, if you have questions, just ask!  THANK YOU!!!

  • Set up Field and Practice Times - work with Director of Coaches to request this.
    • Once practice assignments are final, they are on the SCHEDULES menu - click here

  • Contact your team, introduce yourself, share practice dates and times, and what to expect.
    • Team Contact Lists are emailed out to coaches and all players following the Coaches Meeting, and then any time a player or coach is added.
    • League Game Schedules are emailed out by Registrar usually 1-2 weeks prior to first games as soon as they are final from leagues
    • If parents ordered uniforms from Sports Page, they notified by Sports Page when they are ready to be picked up at their retail store.  If they still need a uniform, they should email [email protected] because we keep a limited selection of sizes of new uniforms on inventory.
    • If there are any website webpages that you want to refer your team to, there is a complete list of webpages and their links if you scroll down to the Website Links section below.

  • Shutterfly Team Site (optional) - you will receive an invite to activate your Shutterfly Team Site.  This is a site that has been loaded with your players contact information that allows you to communicate and organize through your PC or an app on your phone, and always stay connected where ever you are.

  • Volunteer Disclosure Form and Concussion Management - The PSC Administrator or Registrar will let you know if you need to do these but they are required every two years.  See the top of this webpage for links to both.

  • Equipment - Our Equipment Manager will provide you with your equipment at the Coaches Meeting or contact you afterwards. Please take good care of this equipment and then you will be instructed how to turn it in at the end of the season. 
    Click here for PSC Board

  • Sign up for Pella Soccer Complex Field Status Alerts
    • We lease the use and maintenance of the Pella Soccer Complex from the City of Pella.  Know immediately if the City of Pella determines that the Pella Soccer Complex has to be closed due to conditions.  For practices, if the City closes the complex, it is up to each coach if you want to still hold your practice, but at a different location, like Caldwell Park, etc.. If the complex gets closed on a night of one your practices, or games, contact your team so they all know.
    • Directions for how to sign up for texts and/or email alerts about the Pella Soccer Complex from the City of Pella are found on the FIELDS menu.
    • FIELDS -> Sign Up for Field Status Alerts

  • Coaching Tools
    • Curriculum's by age group are below in their own section.  These were developed by our Technical Director.
    • Pella Soccer Club is a member of Iowa Soccer and we are all members of U.S. Soccer.  Iowa Soccer has some good coaching information on their website that you should check out.
      • Iowa Soccer -> Example Lesson Plans and Manuals
      • We have binders by age groups that also have example training plans that are available to use - just ask.
    • Need ideas, have questions, do not hesitate to ask our Director of Coaching, Technical Director, or any other coach within our club.

  • Game Schedules
  • League Games
    • How to Find Opposing Team Contact Information
      • It is good practice to contact the opposing coach earlier in the week just to make sure the game is on as scheduled..
      • For 9U and above teams, follow this link to our How to Use Tourney Machine to find how to...
        • How to find opposing Coaches contact information
          • Be aware that Tourney Machine does not have coaches contact information in the Tourney Machine app on your cell phone so you can only get to it unfortunately from your PC so get that information ahead of time, in case you need it.
        • How to download Tourney App to your cell phone
        • How to sign up for email and/or text notifications from Tourney Machine for your team if anything changes
        • How to find the address of the location of your game, and send it to your cell phone
        • How to share the schedule URL link with others

    • Guest Player Allowance/Request for ISL Level 3 Central League
      • Follow this link and read the section on Guest Player Allowance on our ISL Level 3 Central webpage.

    • Pre-Game Check-In with Referees
      • All players need to be wearing their shin guards covered by socks, and no pierced jewelry like earrings. 
      • All 9U - 19U Rec teams must have their Iowa Soccer official Team Roster, players cards (passes), and coaches hard passes with them for the Referee to check in the team before the start of the game.  Referees are supposed to check players in by comparing the player cards for the team, to the official roster.  Teams that are 11U-19U in the ISL Central League can have guest players but the coach has to fill out the Guest Player Form online before noon on the Friday before the game and they must bring the completed form to the game and provide to the Referee to check-in the players.  All guest players must also have their player's card with them.  See Guest Player section above.  Your player card ring should be sorted in the order of the coaches and players on the Iowa Soccer official Team Roster.  
        The official Team Roster looks like this at the top.
      • All 5U-8U Little Kicker teams do not have official check-in and will not have player cards.  Fees are less for 6U than 8U because 6U has parent coaches officiating the games and 6U is a slightly shorter season due to their age.  See See Little Kickers rules for more information.

    • Rules can be found on the RESOURCES menu
    • Provide directions to Pella Soccer Complex if visiting teams ask
    • How to REPORT SCORES for 9U and up teams
      • All 9U and older teams report their league game scores.
      • The HOME team coach is asked to please update the game score in Tourney Machine before 10pm on Sunday, following the game.
        • The Tourney Machine app on cell phones does not have the ability to report scores yet, so this needs to be done from a PC
        • In Tourney Machine on your computer, find your game and then click on the green icon to the right to post the game score.
        • If you are the HOME team coach and are unable to update the score, then please email the game and score to [email protected]

    • How to RESCHEDULE a HOME game
  • Age Group Information
    • Refer to the age groups under the PROGRAMS menu for more detail information for each age group
    • U.S. Soccer Mandates - refer to RESOURCES -> U.S. Soccer Initiatives - Fall 2016 for a summary of the mandated changes from U.S. Soccer beginning with the Fall 2016 season.



6U Curriculum

8U Curriculum


10U Curriculum


12U Curriculum


14U Curriculum


15U-19U Curriculum


Click here to open ISA Volunteer Disclosure Form webpage