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Iowa Rush Soccer Club - South

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Iowa Rush South leases and pays the City of Pella for use and maintenance of the Pella Soccer Complex, and setup and lining of the soccer fields.

The Senior Athletic Field Technician for the City of Pella determines when fields can be opened and when/if fields need to be closed. 

In the event of a closure due to field conditions, the Senior Athletic Field Technician will post a news flash on the City of Pella website.

To sign up to receive TEXT and/or EMAIL notifications whenever a News Flash is published from the City of Pella for Sports Facilities:

  • Go to
  •  Follow instructions in the blue box at the top of the page.
  • After setting up your email address, you need to scroll down to the News Flash section and find Sports Facilities.
  • You can select to receive emails and/or text to your cell phone. 
  • The City of Pella targets making closure decisions by 3pm Monday-Friday and by 7am Saturday and Sunday. 
  • News Flashes are only sent out from the City of Pella for closures.  If a News Flash does not come out the next day by 3pm Monday-Friday or by 7am Saturday-Sunday, then the assumption is the complex is open. 
  • There is also a status on our website that we try to keep updated under the FIELDS menu and we try to send mass emails and/or share on social media when possible..
  • If your team is scheduled for practice on a day that the complex has to be closed, your team's coach will decide if practice is canceled or if it will be held at another location.

NOTE - Alternate locations can be any city park and are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Field notifications will be posted in the Sports Facilities section of the News Flash category. We recommend that you and all coaches sign up to receive these notifications if you want to know the Pella Soccer Complex field status the minute the city sends it out.  The information may also be viewed on the City’s website at

Should the weather be questionable or spotty, games will be allowed to be played as scheduled and only cancelled if conditions deteriorate during game/practice times.